☯ Minimalist Season Preview

☯ Minimalist Season Preview

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been writing my season preview article. After a while, when the initial article was getting too big, I decided I’d split it into individual articles for each. However, I realised that my work will be a just another season preview shrouded amongst many other and because of the extensive length, will just be ignored and not read. Clearly, that’s not ideal.

So I decided to take a minimalist take on this. I’d summarise my feelings about the team in just a few sentences. This article will be a quick read & tell you at a glance, about every team’s main goals & challenges.

Red Bull Chance for them & Vettel to join the elite group of 3 consecutive world championships. Uphill challenge for Webber, but he seems rejuvenated and ready to challenge Seb. The car looked ominously quick in pre-season testing. That was even before the huge upgrade package for Melbourne.

McLaren About time to win a championship title since 1998. Button needs to prove he can beat Lewis again & last year was no fluke. Lewis desperately needs a redemption. Car looks aesthetically beautiful and technically solid in testing.

Ferrari. Do or die year for Domenicalli and the management. Massa needs to fight or exit with grace & dignity. It’s about time they give Alonso a car worthy of his talents. The revolutionary F2012 seems like a glass canon; quick but inconsistent. It’s a big unknown as they themselves don’t seem to understand the car so all will only be revealed in Melbourne. Personally, I’d love it if they pick up Kubica, let him test in the F10 in Maranello & consider him for 2013.

Mercedes. Similar pressure as Ferrari to deliver from the board men of Stuttgart. Schumacher’s decisive year. Time for Nico to finally pick up that first win. Car seems to be a substantial step forward with an innovative front wing F-Duct but still doesn’t appear to have the raw pace to challenge the very top.

Lotus. Quite literally the dark horse. They’ve got a promising youngster who dominated GP2 last year and a real hot rod in Kimi Raikkonen. The car seems to have good pace, like it did last year early on in the season. They stopped development of last year’s car early on to get this far so the results this year are important.

Force India. Unlike last year, the car seems to be solid & have pace from the outset. Incredibly promising driver pairing that I’m certain will give us a great battle to watch for throughout the year.

Torro Rosso Weight of expectation on two young men’s shoulders who claim they can replace the Aussie stalwart at the very top. Lots to look forward to.

Sauber. A solid driver pairing and a good car with interesting technical nuances . Unlike last year, they’ll be hoping to stay fast throughout the year with their developments.

Caterham. Should close the gap to the midfield with the addition of KERS and banning of exhaust blown diffusers. Tony Fernandes has invested substantially in this team and now they are a proper 250+ men operation.

HRT. The ‘Spanish national team’ has the oldest driver pairing in the history of F1. And a surprisingly good looking livery. That’s good – you’re be seeing it getting lapped a lot.

Marussia. They’ve got a McLaren technical partnership which means they’re the only other team to have a normal nose. Again, good because you’ll see them lapped a lot. Signs this season point to Timo Glock wasting another year of his career.