Schumacher Hiding Mercedes’ Front Wing

Schumacher Hiding Mercedes’ Front Wing

Most the technical talk recently has been centered around the rear wing ‘Super F-duct’ hole that’s become apparent on the Mercedes.

Whilst people understand it’s basic mechanism of channelling air away from the rear wing to reduce drag, no one out of Mercedes (and FIA) really know the full story. The question is: where is that air extracted from the rear wing getting channeled to and to what effect? Here’s some good analysis from the reliable ScarbsF1.

The idea of a Front Wing F-Duct system is not new, it was rumoured Mercedes tested it last year in the young driver test and this video only further credits that theory. WARNING: lower your system volume before playing the video.

Schumacher is seen clearly being very keen in hiding the underside of that front wing as it titled up on the crane from the photographers. Whilst it was certainly very smart, on-the-feet thinking, it seems he’s just attracted more attention to it. Here’s what McLaren’s Jonathan Neal said in his pre-Malaysia interview:

Q: Is the talk over Mercedes’ rear wing just a storm in a teacup? JN: Mercedes were very quick during qualifying and there is enough YouTube footage of Michael (Schumacher) being very defensive about not having the car photographed under the front wing. But I think we have to rely on the FIA.

It gives us into a glimpse into how closely rival teams monitor all channels of information (including us online) to learn more about their competitors.

Schumacher’s actions also tell us about just how much Mercedes value their innovation and (presumably) gain significant advantage out of it. We will know it’s full effect soon. If there is one place to see the effect of a drag reduction device, it’s Malaysia with it’s two massive straights.

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