Update & Button Canada Wallpaper

Update & Button Canada Wallpaper

Hello everyone, all my readers. These past few days haven’t seen much content on the website and for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter but do regularly visit the website I thought a brief explanation of the reason behind the lack of usual articles.

My ‘day job’ as such isn’t even really a job. I’m a student at university studying medicine, in my second year. Right now I’m going through my final end-of-year exams that cover much of the core knowledge I’ve accumulated in my two years at university – anatomy, pathology, pharmacology and even more medical jargon.

The exams in particular have kept me working hours into the night because I genuinely want to perform well at them. Next year I’ll be in hospital wards starting my clinical training, tackling patients and their problems every day. To me these current exams aren’t simply about passing, it’s learning and doing the very best I can because they test the very core knowledge I’ll have to apply every single day in my future. I’ve been busy working hard for these along with few other projects I’m pursing at university so simply have been stretched for time.

However, that does not mean I’m neglecting Literal F1. I’ve always had a belief to publish quality over quantity so I’m not going to fall into the trap of publishing and writing articles for the sake of writing them to some arbitrary deadlines. I can tell you now I’ve been working on 3 good articles, tackling the DDRS, Pirelli tyres and racing strategy that will be coming up soon. I’m still writing but the amount of time dedicated to do is currently reduced.

Now to the real F1 meat of this post, The Canadian Grand Prix last year was in my view the best Formula One race I’ve ever witnessed for a number of different reasons. One of the biggest was Jenson Button’s feat.

On the last ‘The Flying Lap’, Paddy Lowe ran through his feeling about the incredible grand prix and said this “not direct quote but the gist of it” -

It was unbelievable, he was actually worst than last just a few laps before the end because the safety car came in before he could catch the pack. The was worst than last then somehow won the race. The best race of my career as later I was graciously asked by Martin to then go on the podium.

Button was “worst than last” yet still won. He collided with his team mate, pitted 6 times times and was so far behind even the safety car didn’t wait for him to catch the pack. Yet he sliced through the field with impeccable skill and resilience to take the victory on the last lap.

I use his feat as a simple bit of motivation to not give up and to keep working hard. I’d like to share the picture I have pinned on my wall to remind of of this. It’s high resolution so you can use it as a wallpaper for you monitor, iPad, phone or even pin it on your own wall. It has been tweaked and edited my myself after sourcing it months ago from the internet but unfortunately I’m unable to find the original copyright. I don’t claim the copyright to the original image itself.

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