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This. Is. Formula One.

This. Is. Formula One.

I posted this video comparison sometime late last year but seem to have lost it in the transition of restarting my site after my previous service provider had a data meltdown. In my view, it deserves to be posted again because it both illustrates a point beautifully and because it’s one of my favourite.It shows the incredible cornering speed Formula One cars possess.

Many people normally associate “speed” with either acceleration (0-60 in?) or top speed (250 mph). Some cynics even quip that road cars (Veyrons) can go “faster” than an F1 car since they possess a higher top speed.

Whilst that might be true, this simple video comparison of Eau Rouge at Spa-Francorchamps, one of the most revered corners in motorsport shows us just why F1 cars are truly the fastest when it comes down to laptime: the insane cornering speed.

Yes, watch that again. No, neither of the videos have been sped up or slowed down. This. Is Formula One.

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