The TechF1 Podcast – Episode 1

The TechF1 Podcast – Episode 1


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This is something that I’ve been planning on doing for a while. Podcasting and radio broadcasting has always been an interest of mine and I dabbled with it for a while as a guest on some panel shows. This summer, I decided to create one myself. I approached Matt, @SomersF1 on twitter, with the idea and we were both excited about the prospect.

Matt does a lot of great technical analysis over on his website and I’ve done some myself on this website. This podcast is very much a collective effort and you can consider both of us the two ‘co-hosts’ of the show. We decided to make the technical aspect of Formula One the main theme and to name it ‘The TechF1 Podcast’. Just listening to the intro will give you an impression of it’s technical nature. However, the show is not going to be exclusively about technical upgrades (although it will be focused upon them) and we’ll discuss the latest developments and issues surrounding F1 around the time as well.

This is our first episode but we’re both determined to make this podcast the best it can be. Your feedback will be invaluable to us so all comments, positive or negative will be highly appreciated. We explain our thinking behind the podcast within it’s first few minutes so go ahead and give it a download! I made sure the podcast is mobile HTML5 friendly so should play on any platform.

Timeline & Shownotes

As explained in the podcast, this is list of links and a gallery of images on the topics discussed. Hover over the images to read it’s associated technical detail and timestap. Click on the image for a high resolution version.





  • Goose

    Very interesting, editing with the music needs refining but thats just a  niggle. Other than that please record more.

  • Goose

    Good insight, I’ve enjoyed following Matt on twitter for a while so good to hear his thoughts

  • Varun Ravichandran

    Good stuff. Interesting listening, but might want to make it a little shorter next time around? 30 minute tops is a usual attention span for a podcast I reckon.