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Red Bull’s Torque Maps, McLaren’s Upgrades, Lotus’ DDRS & more – TechF1Podcast 02

Red Bull’s Torque Maps, McLaren’s Upgrades, Lotus’ DDRS & more – TechF1Podcast 02

Welcome to the second TechF1Podcast. Matt and I dissect and discuss the technical minefield that was the German grand prix. There are 3 main topics for this show -

  1. McLaren’s upgrades and upturn in pace
  2. Lotus’ promise and their fascinating DDRS/F-Duct system
  3. Red Bull’s Torque maps

Here’s the full timeline of topics discussed:

Topic Discussed Time
McLaren’s sidepods upgrade 2:20
McLaren’s third vortex generator 8:45
Many, small upgrades or little, big upgrades? 11:40
Mika Hakkinen’s comment on upgrade processes 14:30
Getting tyre temperature & Ferrari’s front pull rod suspension 18:35
An “energy drinks formula” 25:30
Lotus’ potential 27:55
Lotus’ fascinating aerodynamic device 31:00
Red Bull’s Torque maps 41:00
How innovation is what makes F1 “the pinnacle of motorsport” 45:30
Our predictions for the Hungarian Grand Prix 50:00

Thank you for the wonderful feedback we got for our first episode. We here humbled with the positive reaction. We also noted the constructive criticism and we’ll strive to keep improving with every show.

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Technical Images

My major website upgrade was designed with this podcast in mind; to best display it’s rich content. I paid particular attention to best display the technical images. Now you just need to click on the link describing the technical part to bring up the picture in a neat overlay on this page itself. From then you can even use your keyboards left or right keys to go through the images! (like Facebook) Try it on one of the links below.


Sidedpod sculpting under the Sidepod entry

Previous sidepod for reference

Additional Vortex Generator on top of the Sidepod (3 instead of 2

Additional undercut for the rear of the Sidepod/exhaust channel

This picture shows the additional ramp depth from the front edge of the Sidepod to the exhaust channel helping with the downwash effect. The picture also shows the 3 shark gills aft of the exhaust channel in the engine cover.


Close up of Kimis air box showing the 2 additional ducts either side of the main inlet

Diagram showing the airflow I believe the DDRS uses: Yellow indicates the airflow entering the ducts next to the airbox which when DRS is inactive exits lower in the cooling exit (light blue) in order to boost the diffusers effectiveness. When DRS is active a hole in the lower rear wing plane is uncovered and air interacts via the periscope duct (Green) and acts much like the old F Duct system moving the airflow to the top exit of the engine cover and through the Monkey Seat (Red)

Links to Articles discussed

McLaren’s aero package upgrade – SomersF1

Mika Haikkinen on Ferrari’s advantage in development.

Getting heat intro tyres key in the wet

Jenson Button’s post race interview & “lucked into” comment.

Ferrari hire Bridgestone’s Hirohide Hamashima

Lewis Hamilton: Red Bull “just an energy drinks company”

Scarbs tweet: “Lotus DRS development dar more complicated than it appears on the surface”

Somers F1- Lotus E20 DDRS

Red Bull forced to change Torque maps for Hungary

Innovation is what F1 the pinnacle of motorsport

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