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Hungary, Innovation & Wider F1 Developments – TechF1Podcast Ep. 3

Hungary, Innovation & Wider F1 Developments – TechF1Podcast Ep. 3

In the third TechF1Podcast, Matt and I review the Hungarian Grand Prix and analyse the main trends from the race: McLaren’s dominance, Lotus’ downforce advantage and the dirty air effect.

We also address some of the wider developments in F1 such as the importance of innovation and how F1 is being harder to pick up in depth for new fans.

We further answer three questions we got on twitter: 1. Our thoughts on the teams choosing to outlaw the Double DRS system for 2013. 2. Webber’s stuck differential in the race & what effect it had on his race. 3. Our thoughts on the removal of in season testing.


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Technical Images

Lotus DDRS Airbox Ears

Lotus DDRS Rear Wing Setup

Lotus DDRS Slots in Periscope

Apologies for the lack of technical images for this episode, we’re working on getting some more.

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