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The Merits of Mercedes for Lewis Hamilton

The Merits of Mercedes for Lewis Hamilton

There is this belief and allusion going around that a move to Mercedes AMG F1 is an inherently bad career decision for Hamilton. I disagree and argue that those individuals aren’t seeing the long game. Whilst on the face of it, Mercedes today don’t have the same capability as McLaren to challenge for driver’s and constructor’s titles, it’s important to remember that Mercedes is a team in development and progression.

The current Mercedes F1 team carries the baggage from its past. Brawn was a team formed from the last legs of Honda, who had decided to move out of Formula One. The team underwent significant downsizing measures & lost a lot of its resources to make itself financially viable. They were downsizing. Mercedes when they entered Formula One had the resources & components the solidly midfield Honda team had. It’s essentially the Brackley squad that produced a series of sub-standard cars until it hit gold in 2009 with the double diffuser.

That one year in 2009 doesn’t change the infrastructure the team has access to.

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