McLaren dominance, Renault alternators, drag reduction devices and more

McLaren dominance, Renault alternators, drag reduction devices and more

In the fourth TechF1Podcast, Matt and I discuss the plethora of technical news that’s emerged since the last episode.

Topics discussed chronologically:

  1. Spa and Monza witnessed McLaren’s dominance and we investigate their path to apparent dominance, starting from their upturn in pace in Hockeheim. We talk about their new rear wing, sidepod cover and better utilisation of tyres.

  2. Lewis’ high downforce setup vs Jenson’s low downforce setup at Spa – the merits of each.

  3. Building a car around a driver. What’s the advantage of having a car designed around you from the outset – referencing Alonso and the F2012. On the contrary, the challenge faced by McLaren in making sure both drivers with differing driving styles are confortable in the same package.

  4. Renault Sport’s advantage in more drivable engines at street circuit and their big spanner in the works in the form of alternator issues. Lotus F1, Red Bull and even the Pirelli test car have suffered failures.

  5. Drag Reduction Devices – Lotus style, (upcoming) Mercedes “triple DRS” style and Matt’s hypothesis of a possible McLaren style too!

  6. Predictions for Singapore and the particular challenges the unique circuit offers.


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