Alonso “signed off” Vettel | BBCF1 →

Alonso “signed off” Vettel | BBCF1 →

The BBC has put it’s weight around the persistant rumor of Ferrari having a “pre-contract” with Vettel for 2014. I’ll address my views on this more in a separate article but I found this particularly interesting (linked post so just click the header):

Vettel’s potential move to Ferrari has been sanctioned by Fernando Alonso, their number one driver. The Spaniard, himself a double world champion, has a say in the identity of his team-mate and vetoed the idea of 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari earlier this year.

Alonso would rather have Vettel as his teammate rather than Hamilton. I don’t think this has anything to with Alonso’s McLaren days since he’s several times publicly acknowledged his problems were with the McLaren management rather than Lewis himself.

This could either be taken two ways. Either Alonso genuinely wants an enormous challenge towards the later end of his career duelling with the man who beat his youngest double world champion record or he believes Hamilton is a better driver than Vettel.

Personally, I would like Vettel to stay at Red Bull at 2014. With Alonso at Ferrari, Hamilton at Mercedes and Button at McLaren utilising the full respective might of their teams, we’re in for one enthralling championship title fight.

  • McConnell

    How about Alonso to Red Bull in 2014