Red Bull’s string of upgrades | BBCF1 →

Red Bull’s string of upgrades | BBCF1 →

Great succinct technical roundup by Gary Anderson explaining Red Bull’s re-emergance in pace. There are lots of improvements (rear geometry, sidepods and such) that holistically make a much better package. The two standout improvements are:

  1. A new front wing which Martin Brundle in Singapore described as “a work of art”. The front wing is the first piece of bodywork which comes in contact with the air and is arguably the most crucial aspect to the whole car philosophy.

  2. Double DRS’s effect in the race when it’s technically not used. It enables Red Bull to run a higher downforce setup in races (their better DRS negates it in qualifying) compared to their rivals. The Bulls have always preferred higher downforce configurations. Vettel took pole at Monza (the lowest downforce circuit) in 2011 with the highest downforce setup.

With the field so tightly packed just a few tenths can give the allusion of apparent dominance. This title’s not over yet but with even more updates coming soon for Red Bull Ferrari needs some substantial updates. Fast.

  • Anthony

    He has said many times he thinks Hamilton is better than Vettel.