Amiable Vettel on India

Amiable Vettel on India

Sebastian Vettel has now won both the Indian Grand Prix. He was asked about his feelings on India as a country in the post-race (non podium) press conference. His response was simply beautiful:

India has a lot to offer. There are a lot of people here: 1.3 billion or more so quite incredible and just to see that, to see how people live here, to see the culture, I think is very very different. In life, I think a lot is always about expectations and in Europe expectations are very very high. Money plays a big role whereas here, I think, expectations are fairly low. Money is not that important. It doesn’t matter how old you are. I think it’s more important to have a healthy, happy life, to enjoy your life with your family, with your kids. Sometimes to compare the circumstances you live in, here in India compared to Europe – obviously I grew up in Germany – it’s black and white, it’s very different but it’s nice to see that the people are so happy, warm-hearted. I think it would definitely be nice to spend a little bit more time to travel around and get more of an idea.

At Japan, he similarly acknowledged & respected their culture. On the podium he applauded Kamui Kobayashi’s third position & spoke a little Japanese. He was also brought to tears when Kate Walker reminded him he’d reached Jim Clark’s record of wins.

At Singapore, he dedicated his win to Professor Sid Watkins (both straight after in the car when he’s usually doing the crazy frog and on the podium), paying homage to his incredible work throughout the decades.

Say what you want about his finger & tendency to annoy/bore audiences with showcases of dominance, he’s such a amiable chap. A world champion the Formula One community is pleased to be represented by.