Welcome to 2013 – The TechF1 Podcast preview

Welcome to 2013 – The TechF1 Podcast preview

Welcome to the very first TechF1 podcast for 2013. We touch on a whole host of topics – trends to look out for this year, Mercedes’ conundrum and those mysterious round black things made by Pirelli. We even touch upon the exciting, progressive and revolutionary changes in 2014. The episode was recorded well before the Jerez test but some problems have meant that it unfortunately hasn’t been able to be released until this day. However, it’s a cracking show previewing the year, which stands the test of time and manages to stay very relevant today.

Here are the topics we touched, circa 23th January, in chronological order.

  • “Too many cooks and not enough bottle washers” at Mercedes. Featuring Toto Wolff, Niki Lauda, Ross Brawn, Aldo Costa, Geoff Willis, Bob Bell & Paddy Lowe.
  • Hamilton’s ability to make a car go as fast as possible. As demonstrated this week in Top Gear.
  • Law of diminishing returns as teams try to extract even more performance.
  • Features of the 2013 Pirelli tyres. Altered degradation, softer sidewalls and its effects on Jenson Button.
  • Felipe Massa’s “circle which is not vicious” and anticipation for his performance in 2013.
  • Pull rod front suspension, it’s challenges and impact on degradation.
  • Exhausts in 2013. Ramp Coanda effects.
  • Lotus and Mercedes drag reduction devices. Don’t expect to see one in action on all tracks. China is a good bet, listen to learn why.
  • Effect of the free use of DRS being banned in qualifying. It’s importance and crucial impact on Red Bull campaign in 2012.
  • The revolutionary, progressive and exciting engines of 2014.
  • Our sensible, outrageous and crazy (in that order) predictions for the title and winner in Melbourne. It’s important to note we hadn’t even seen a car launch at this point.


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