★ On Booing and Sporting Excellence.

★ On Booing and Sporting Excellence.

“This is ridiculous. These people don’t understand what F1 is about. I take my hat off to Vettel” – Niki Lauda on those that boo. [1]

What we heard from the Mercedes chairman is the true admiration and respect for a fellow driver. Lauda, more than anyone, truly understands what Formula One is about. A triple world champion who got there through the pursuit for perfection.

Formula One is a sport. It’s a global, multi-billion pounds competition in which brave mavericks risk their lives for the ascent of the world championship. The ultimate aim is to win through the collective hard work of a team. Nothing is handed on a platter and each point is truly fought for. It is earned.

There is an inherent beauty in victory; in the attainment of perfection. Vettel and Red Bull in Singapore demonstrated a car and driver in perfect harmony. A shining example of a symbiotic relationship that each and every driver and team seeks to attain. Those who truly know Formula One, understand, respect and doff their hand off to that, as we saw Martin Whitmarsh, Fernando Alonso and Stefano Domenicalli straight after.

Booing the righteous, deserved winner of a competition is booing the sport itself. A deserved winner deserves to be celebrated [2], for he has proven to be the best on the sporting arena you choose to follow. An intregral part of sportsmanship is the respect for the winner.

Even if the race is “boring” in your view, please respect the winner. It is not Vettel’s fault that he’s simply performing a cut above the rest. He is doing his job. He is doing what any one of his compatriots work and train hard, day and night for.

I personally do not find the races boring. A race is not just about the winner. It’s about each and every fight that happens down the field for each and every point. I personally really enjoyed the Singapore Grand Prix, both of the spectale that was Vettel-Red Bull and all those wheel-to-wheel clashes down the field.

Formula One, in my mind, is an elite sport. There are drivers out there who are literally risking their lives every time they get into vehicles for the joy of victory. You have Kimi Raikkonen racing from 13th of 3rd despite suffering from the debilitating pain of spinal neuralgia.

We are all, of course, entitled to our own opinions. This is mine. If you enjoy booing a deserved winner, please find a myriad of other sports that welcome it.

  1. Niki Lauda hardly ever takes his cap off.  ↩

  2. The other reasoning I get behind booing Vettel is Malaysia. Vettel was not the deserved winner of that race, but he has been each and every other time he was booed.  ↩

  • Fran

    You sir almost made me tear with sheer respect. Because I truly agree with every word you said.

  • Yuchoong Lee

    firstly, vettel is arrogant, keeps flashing his index finger. secondly, he is a coward and robbed webber of victory in Malaysia under team orders because he always has special protection from Helmut Marko at Red Bull, also he is afraid of having Alonso in the same team. Thirdly his driving style of rotating his car around tight corners is highly dependent on Adrian Newey’s aerodynamics genius. If you give him a car with less downforce, he may be slower than Alonso or Hamilton. His dominance is due more to car superiority than driving skills. you wonder why nobody booed Schumacher when he won 5 in a row.

    • RacerDudess

      In which world is ‘flashing a finger’ after winning a race arrogant? I beg to differ, but cowards cannot be F1 drivers nor can they win races. F1 is far too complicated for just one man like Adrian Newey to take all the glory. It’s his driving style! there’s nothing wrong or right about a driver’s driving style! Nobody BOOED Schumacher, but they hated him silently for winning races over and over. So hold on, how can you call a racer, a RACER if he doesn’t go for the win? Okay, I’ll speak in a language that you understand, Vettel didn’t deserve that win. He disobeyed team orders (which I believe is bull crap) to overtake Webber and win. I think I’d forget about that whole incident and enjoy the remainder of the season rather than pound over that incident and boo at him and disrespect my favorite sport indirectly. Tell me one driver who acts nicely with the press, makes himself so available for his fans and has real real talent. That’s what I call a good attitude and a worthy champion. Alonso is a great driver, so is Lewis, they clear lack the friendliness that Vettel has.

  • Queen_of_Snarks

    Sorry, but it’s nothing to do with his constant winning. It’s his ATTITUDE. F1 has never, ever been a ‘one love’ sport, so why now are fans expected to love everyone? Vettel’s a tosser. If he wasn’t a tosser he wouldn’t get booed. Simple as.

    I bet that if Kimi, Fernando, Jenson or Mark were winning all the time, they wouldn’t get booed on the podium.

  • mitanka

    I suspect somebody is paying big money to you and Sky Sport F1 to make Vettel more appealing to fans and not booing at him. Nothing will work out until Vettel himself not begin to change his attitude.

  • AlAmmari

    I agree with everything you have said, but to avoid all of these booing lets go back to the old style of interviewing the drivers in a private room where they have more time to talk and more privacy. If these interviews were the same 10 years ago, Schumacher would have faced the same issue.