Literal F1 is a different kind of website from the norm on the internet covering the world’s fastest sport – Formula One. This website aims to collate good links and host well written articles on the latest developments.

Style and Philosophy

The aim of this website is to be an interesting portal for formula one fans around the world. There are a few key areas of differentiation between here and most other websites:

  1. This is not a ‘breaking news’ site like many others, it’s is a ‘linked list’1 website which features good online writing. There is a strong human element, since it includes opinion based posts and my comments on the latest development.

  2. I intend to be a Formula One writer , not a journalist. Which means you won’t get ‘reports’; you’ll get analysis, notes and most importantly, well written out pieces of writing that I often put a week’s thought into. Quality not quantity. Click here to read some my favourite articles I’ve written.

  3. As the writer, the most important thing to me are the readers. You’ll notice there are no unnecessary, annoying “Click here to continue reading this article” on the home page, you get the full article & can smoothly scroll down to get more content. The emphasis is on clean, elegant presentation of my writing to give a pleasant reading experience to my readers.

  4. The RSS Feed which gives you immediate updates to content is not truncated like most. That means there isn’t a small extract from the article, then (…) to force you to click to visit the website. You get access to the full article & don’t even have to visit the website. Page views are not important to me, readers are.

  5. The website itself is custom designed by myself. The emphasis is on text and writing. Minimalism & clean design are priorities. I went as far testing multiple fonts & typefaces on different operating systems – Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Android, Blackberry, even the PS3 to ensure compatibility & ideal readability. The web backend and style is constantly tweaked for performance improvements. These are little things, often overlooked, but give the website a certain flow and ‘voice’.

To sum it all up, Literal F1 has a humble but bold aim – to be a Formula One portal what you, readers, love visiting.

Writer + Contact

Literal F1 is written by Krit Dwivedi, a 19 year old keen Formula One enthusiast. He’s studying Medicine at university and is in his third year. In the future, he’ll undoubtedly be seen trying to explain complex medical problems using even more complex F1 analogies.

To contact me:

Twitter: @literalf1

Google+: LiteralF1

Email: literalf1 at gmail dot com

If you want to get in touch in me for anything – any questions, feedback or just to say hi (emails from my readers genuinely make my day), use any of the above means to get in touch.