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Vettel Imitating Alonso’s Accent

Vettel Imitating Alonso’s Accent

The BBC’s Andrew Benson asked Fernando Alonso a question regarding how he felt about Rosberg’s defensive driving in Bahrain. Vettel answered, in Alonso’s accent, using the words Alonso used on team radio shortly after the incident “You always have to leave space”. [YouTube link to Alonso's team radio]

Alonso replied back “Yes, (you have to leave space) like I did for you in Monza” referring to the way Vettel overtook Alonso around the outside of Curva Grande [Youtube Link] last year.

This had me laughing a lot, both these men are professional sportsmen and great drivers, both double world champions in an intensely contested sport. Yet they still have great mutual respect and good, funny banter among each other.

Words don’t do it justice so I just had to share it with you all.

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Webber to Ferrari 2013

Webber to Ferrari 2013

Solid reasoning from James Allen why Webber would be ideal for Ferrari:

There has been contact in the past between the two and Webber has been on Ferrari’s radar for a number of reasons; he gets on well with Fernando Alonso and is liked by Stefano Domenicali and others, he’s uncomplicated and he’s fast. He also has a lot of experience and solid engineering understanding, both of which Ferrari prize…. But as a keen student of the sport’s history, he may feel that with one or two years of his career left, a stint at Ferrari would add a prestigious cap to his career.

Click the quote to read the full article on the author’s domain.

If you think about it, Mark Webber is the ideal “not bad for a number two driver”. He’s consistant, fast and will push the team forward whilst collecting big championship points.

This certainly gives him great negotiation leverage with his talks with Red Bull. He knows Red Bull certainly need his services next year. None of the ‘Red Bull Young Drivers’ I believe are ready to challenge Vettel & handling the pressure that comes with a championship winning capable car.

For the reasons mentioned in the article, Ferrari would love to have him for at least a year, until Perez matures but perhaps two years will be a better symbiotic, mutual agreement. Note also that losing Webber will significantly hurt Red Bull in their championship challenge, which would benefit Ferrari should they have a competitive car from the onset next year. Even McLaren with their pairing of Hamilton and Button will be very concerned with Alonso & Webber in a competitive Ferrari.

Also interesting to note, there hasn’t been a ‘NO’ from Webber and crucially, there hasn’t (yet) been a denouncing ‘NO’ from Ferrari like there usually is following these silly season rumours.

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Chelsea “Out of The Blue”

Chelsea “Out of The Blue”

Sauber have announced an “innovative” new sponsorship idea that ties with Chelsea FC.

Both parties have had boosting, inspired results recently, Sauber in Malaysia & Chelsea against Barcelona.

James Allen lists the possible reasoning for such an agreement:

With a shared platform across two of the biggest TV sports in the world, they can offer a joint sponsorship deal to a global brand looking for exposure in both areas. This is something Tony Fernandes has been hoping to achieve by owning both the Caterham and Queens Park Rangers teams.

It’s certainly an interesting idea because of much wider reach it gives the teams. This gives them an avenue to bargain with to extract more money from current or upcoming sponsors. It’s a great deal for Sauber, who clearly have a good car this season so will be attracting potential sponsors with their good result. Their plan would be to utilise this “innovative, unique” linkup as a perk to sell greater value to these sponsors to gain more funds.

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Schumacher Hiding Mercedes’ Front Wing

Schumacher Hiding Mercedes’ Front Wing

Most the technical talk recently has been centered around the rear wing ‘Super F-duct’ hole that’s become apparent on the Mercedes.

Whilst people understand it’s basic mechanism of channelling air away from the rear wing to reduce drag, no one out of Mercedes (and FIA) really know the full story. The question is: where is that air extracted from the rear wing getting channeled to and to what effect? Here’s some good analysis from the reliable ScarbsF1.

The idea of a Front Wing F-Duct system is not new, it was rumoured Mercedes tested it last year in the young driver test and this video only further credits that theory. WARNING: lower your system volume before playing the video.

Schumacher is seen clearly being very keen in hiding the underside of that front wing as it titled up on the crane from the photographers. Whilst it was certainly very smart, on-the-feet thinking, it seems he’s just attracted more attention to it. Here’s what McLaren’s Jonathan Neal said in his pre-Malaysia interview:

Q: Is the talk over Mercedes’ rear wing just a storm in a teacup? JN: Mercedes were very quick during qualifying and there is enough YouTube footage of Michael (Schumacher) being very defensive about not having the car photographed under the front wing. But I think we have to rely on the FIA.

It gives us into a glimpse into how closely rival teams monitor all channels of information (including us online) to learn more about their competitors.

Schumacher’s actions also tell us about just how much Mercedes value their innovation and (presumably) gain significant advantage out of it. We will know it’s full effect soon. If there is one place to see the effect of a drag reduction device, it’s Malaysia with it’s two massive straights.

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☯ Minimalist Season Preview

☯ Minimalist Season Preview

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been writing my season preview article. After a while, when the initial article was getting too big, I decided I’d split it into individual articles for each. However, I realised that my work will be a just another season preview shrouded amongst many other and because of the extensive length, will just be ignored and not read. Clearly, that’s not ideal.

So I decided to take a minimalist take on this. I’d summarise my feelings about the team in just a few sentences. This article will be a quick read & tell you at a glance, about every team’s main goals & challenges.

Red Bull Chance for them & Vettel to join the elite group of 3 consecutive world championships. Uphill challenge for Webber, but he seems rejuvenated and ready to challenge Seb. The car looked ominously quick in pre-season testing. That was even before the huge upgrade package for Melbourne.

McLaren About time to win a championship title since 1998. Button needs to prove he can beat Lewis again & last year was no fluke. Lewis desperately needs a redemption. Car looks aesthetically beautiful and technically solid in testing.

Ferrari. Do or die year for Domenicalli and the management. Massa needs to fight or exit with grace & dignity. It’s about time they give Alonso a car worthy of his talents. The revolutionary F2012 seems like a glass canon; quick but inconsistent. It’s a big unknown as they themselves don’t seem to understand the car so all will only be revealed in Melbourne. Personally, I’d love it if they pick up Kubica, let him test in the F10 in Maranello & consider him for 2013.

Mercedes. Similar pressure as Ferrari to deliver from the board men of Stuttgart. Schumacher’s decisive year. Time for Nico to finally pick up that first win. Car seems to be a substantial step forward with an innovative front wing F-Duct but still doesn’t appear to have the raw pace to challenge the very top.

Lotus. Quite literally the dark horse. They’ve got a promising youngster who dominated GP2 last year and a real hot rod in Kimi Raikkonen. The car seems to have good pace, like it did last year early on in the season. They stopped development of last year’s car early on to get this far so the results this year are important.

Force India. Unlike last year, the car seems to be solid & have pace from the outset. Incredibly promising driver pairing that I’m certain will give us a great battle to watch for throughout the year.

Torro Rosso Weight of expectation on two young men’s shoulders who claim they can replace the Aussie stalwart at the very top. Lots to look forward to.

Sauber. A solid driver pairing and a good car with interesting technical nuances . Unlike last year, they’ll be hoping to stay fast throughout the year with their developments.

Caterham. Should close the gap to the midfield with the addition of KERS and banning of exhaust blown diffusers. Tony Fernandes has invested substantially in this team and now they are a proper 250+ men operation.

HRT. The ‘Spanish national team’ has the oldest driver pairing in the history of F1. And a surprisingly good looking livery. That’s good – you’re be seeing it getting lapped a lot.

Marussia. They’ve got a McLaren technical partnership which means they’re the only other team to have a normal nose. Again, good because you’ll see them lapped a lot. Signs this season point to Timo Glock wasting another year of his career.

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Bernie & Charlie interviews

Bernie & Charlie interviews

Two Q&A style interviews were published this week from Formula 1 dot com. These two gentlemen are the two ‘heads’ of our sports & I recommend you read the interviews by clicking on the links below (click the quote). The one from Charlie is especially good for understanding the changes this year & the rationale behind them.

Charlie Whiting:

Q: Previously cars needed to pass crash tests before racing. Now they have to pass before testing. Why? CW: Safety cannot be compromised. It is indefensible to have drivers testing cars in the winter that haven’t met the safety standards we demand for a race. The teams resisted this for quite a while, telling me it would be impossible to get the crash tests done before the first test. It came as no great surprise that nearly everybody managed it.

Bernie Eccleston:

One thing is clear – Felipe is not really blessed by luck, but he is fast. I rather think that it is a question of alternatives at Ferrari: who from the available drivers is faster than Felipe? I don’t see anybody. But I am sure that Robert Kubica would by now be sitting in a Ferrari had he not had his terrible rally accident.

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Vettel’s Determination

Vettel’s Determination

That determination can be seen in Vettel’s insistence on staying late into the night at the circuit with his mechanics – rather than slipping away for a more alluring meal in Barcelona. “I would feel bad if I left early – even though it’s just one test out of so many. Just because you know how to win a championship doesn’t mean you forget all the small steps you take. “I’ve just finished my debrief with the team and I could go off for dinner. But I won’t. If the engine pops in a race I would feel bad and think maybe it was because I was lazy and didn’t push 100%. If I make a mistake, OK, it happens. As long as I’ve done everything to be at the top of my game then I’m all right. That’s why I’m happy to work late tonight.”

Great interview overall, a must read. He talks about the weight of expectation, motivation & his overall love for the sport & it’s history.

This is a linked post so just click the quote to view the whole post on the authors domain. I use linked posts to direct my readers to articles I’ve found & believe they’ll find interesting.

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